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A Contract between Nick Timothy and the People of West Suffolk

That’s why Nick Timothy — the Member of Parliament for West Suffolk — is calling for change. Nick has put forward a contract with the people of West Suffolk which shows how he does politics:

On all sides, politicians have made promises and then broken them — hoping the public forgets what they said or moves on. I consider this utterly corrosive, and I want to do things differently.

This is why I have drawn up this document — my contract with you, the people of West Suffolk — and in it, I want to do something no politician ever does. I want to ask you to read this contract, keep a copy, and use it to hold me to account. And if I fail to keep my commitments, you should vote me out in five years’ time.

Please contact me on if you would like to ask any questions.

And please click here if you would like to read the contract, share it with your friends, family and neighbours.

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Charter for West Suffolk

Developers must put people before profit. After thousands of conversations with people across West Suffolk, the anger towards the more unscrupulous property developers is clear. Many developers have run rings around our local communities for years. This has to stop.

My Charter for West Suffolk says developers should fund and build new amenities – with accountability if they fail. That’s why I have launched a new seven-point Charter for West Suffolk which I believe should apply to all future plans for building here.

Reviving High Streets

The way we shop has changed and our high streets are struggling. Rates, rents, parking charges all matter, and we need to use legal powers to make sure empty premises are used too. We need to make sure local people have access to important services, like banking.

I will work with local councillors, businesses and investors to save our high streets. We can restore them into vibrant hubs of community life.

Improving Local Services

I am listening to local people and campaigning for vital services we need to improve the quality of life in West Suffolk. Haverhill is one of the biggest towns in the country without its own railway station. This has to change. I will urge the government to recognise the potential for a new rail link, and seek its inclusion in the Plan for Cambridge.

The Labour-led District Council plans to build 1,300 new houses located in West Mildenhall. Residents are concerned about the consequences for traffic congestion in the town centre. The scheme should only go ahead if it also delivers a new relief road and vital services for Mildenhall residents, including GP and dentist surgeries.

Flooding can be a huge source of disruption and heartache across West Suffolk. That is why I am fighting for better maintenance of sluice gates, and for drains and ditches to be cleared.

Protecting Our Villages

There has been considerable development around West Suffolk in recent years, and we need to learn from the experience. We need to make sure villages remain villages, and where we do build new homes they cannot come at the expense of the local quality of life. We need to set higher expectations for the construction companies – they should put people and communities before profit.

I really love our heritage and countryside. I was able to lend a helping hand to the campaign to save the unique and historical ceiling in Gazeley’s All Saints’ Church. I am dedicated to doing all I can to protect our rich heritage and precious countryside so they are there for future generations to learn from and enjoy.