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Developers must put people before profit’, says Nick Timothy.

That’s why Nick Timothy — the Conservative candidate to be the next MP for West Suffolk — is calling for change. He has proposed a Charter for West Suffolk which would demand the following:

Nick Timothy’s Charter for West Suffolk:

  1. Developers who profit from building here must contribute. We need to do more to make sure construction companies fund and build the amenities we need – like dentist and GP surgeries – and other facilities that improve residents’ quality of life.
  2. New infrastructure must always come before expansion. Relief roads and transport links are not just optional extras but must be built in advance of housing.
  3. We do need new homes. But numbers should be sensible and in the right places.
  4. We need to build communities. New homes should always come with open green spaces, amenities and services in mind.
  5. We need high-quality housing. Of course new homes should be affordable, but new homes need to be attractive, in keeping with the area, and built to last.
  6. No more building on flood plains. We need to stop building on land that everyone knows is affected by flooding.
  7. We need accountability. Developers who break their promises should be fined heavily and banned for fixed periods from future projects in Suffolk.

Please contact Nick on if you would like to ask any questions about this campaign.

And please click here if you would like to print and sign his petition, share it with your friends, family and neighbours, and send it back to us in order to show the gathering momentum of support for these aims.

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